Extranet creates competitive advantages for companies essay

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Sustainable competitive advantage is an edge a firm enjoy over its competitors by offering superior values to customer that result in superior profit and growth. Building on these underlined assumption this dissertation the link between a firm’s success and the competitive advantage.

Supply Of Supply Chain Management - This video shows how Walmart, the multinational retail giant, manages its storage and supply of products and how it has gained great benefits by adopting and implementing an efficient supply chain strategy.

In order to remain competitive, companies need to focus on core competencies, develop synergy and create value. According to Kotler, competitive advantage is ‘a company’s ability to perform in one or more ways that competitors cannot or will not match’ (Kotlerp).

Competitive advantage(CA) is an advantage competitors gain by providing or offering customers or consumers greater value for their money through product and service differentiation or.

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An extranet can add value to your company by helping you communicate and collaborate more effectively with clients, customers, and partners. Particularly in the business-to-business market, an extranet can give your company an edge over the competition and save you money by streamlining traditional.

Extranet creates competitive advantages for companies essay
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